• Membership information

Clause 7 of the Society Regulations specifies that those who agree with the cause of the Society and are approved by the Society may become the regular, permanent or group members of the Society. 

  • Membership
  1. A regular member is an individual active in geodesy related work.
  2. A group member is an organization or a registered society, represented by an individual.
  3. A life member is a member paying 20 years of annual dues in a lump-sum. The life membership ceases upon withdrawal.
  • Rights of members

Rights of members (Members representative) include:

  1. the right to express opinions;

  2. with the exception of the student members and honorary members, the right to elect, be elected, recall and vote,

  3. the right to book publishing and advertisement discount permitted by the Society;

  4. entitlements to consultation and assistance by the Society;

  5. other rights granted by the Society.

  • Obligations of members

Rights of members (Members representative) include:

  1. to abide to the Bylaws and regulations of the Society and its chapters;
  2. to promote activities of the Society;
  3. to share task duties assigned by the Society;
  4. payment of the membership dues. Membership will be temporarily suspended for those not paying dues for two consecutive years. Suspended members wishing to apply for resumption shall pay membership dues.
  • To become a member
  1. Annual fee: NT$ 500 for a regular member; NT$ 1000 for a group member.
  2. Permanent fee: by paying 20 years of annual fee all at once, a member will become a permanent member and no annual fee will be required.